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When TexasGarageDoors.net is your wood garage door builder and installer, we promise you will get a first class product, made from the best materials, from a team of people who take personal responsibility for your satisfaction, which means you will get superior customer service, too.

We can't show you each of our secrets to building the best wooden garage door, because we don't wish to show our competitors, even though we doubt our competitors would be willing to take on the additional time and expense required to build the best. We would like to show you a few details which illustrate our commitment.

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Below. Consider the roller...it is a very important part of all garage doors and ten rollers are on each door. You can also see the doubled up hinges right behind the roller. This is unique to TexasGarageDoors.net). We are building a One Hundred Year door, fortified like a drawbridge on a 11th century castle.



The roller we use is made of a very hard nylon, which is three inches wide. The nylon roller is the key to smooth and quiet garage door operation, and this roller is actually manufactured with ball bearings embedded which surround the roller shaft. This roller is finely engineered and its cost approaches $10 each. Some of the rollers used by our competitors cost less than $1, and instead high grade nylon, they are made of soft metals.



Below, an 18' X 8' garage door has been assembled from 4 sections, each one is 18' X 2'. These sections have been attached to a strong rectangular wood frame on the back of the door. It is cheaper to use a metal frame, as many door makers do, but the metal does not give, expand and contract as does the wood. Ultimately, wood on metal will not continue to fit snugly and the alignment between door sections and frame start separating and large gaps will ocurr over time.



Each section is backed by an 18' run of heavy duty gauge steel. Here is a section before the door is assembled. Many of our competitors do no more than nail a thin strip of wood along the back, and not even on each section.



Below you see steel struts added to the door. Each section gets a steel strut its entire horizontal length. The all important bottom section receives an additional "V" beam to maximize its support.




Pictures continue after form.



A Back View and a Front View



Double hinges are placed in key areas. We know of no other company which goes this far in creating the strongest and most long lasting wooden door on the market.



Another view of the doubled up hinges.



The steel struts and support beams on an installed door. Note the "V" beam on the bottom section.




Additional view of the steel struts and support beams.



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